There Is No Such Thing As Can’t When You Glow For Broke.

Lisa Griggs

Self-made millionaire Lisa Griggs is an entrepreneur, lecturer, motivator and author who has devoted her life to helping others achieve their own wealth, joy and success. Her motto, “Everyone is just one person away from stepping into their destiny,” expresses her confidence the guidance and inspiration she provides are the keys to independence and growth.

A divorced mother who found herself bankrupt, homeless and living on welfare five years ago, Lisa believes everyone has the ability to achieve what they want. With her background in start-ups, science-based products and social selling, she’s helped thousands make significant, lasting changes in their lives.

“If you want success in your business today, this is your blueprint!”

“A game-changer for those who want to take their business to the next level. If you’re not applying Lisa’s strategies you’re leaving millions on the table.”

Bob Mower Steed, Hong Kong

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